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Established in 2004 – one of the industry leading technology pioneers, i-Soft Technologies is a media and information technology company, servicing the broadcast, streaming, media & entertainment and commercial industries.

We focus on the research, design and development of the best products, systems solutions and services. Our vision is to utilize our practical and theoretical experience and knowledge to optimize TV broadcasting’s technological and organizational dimensions while increasing workflow speed and efficiency.

We provide innovative and advanced technology and highly skilled 24/7 software and technical support 365 days in the year. This results in many cases in significant cost savings over the life of any integrated solution for our customers.

i-Soft Technologies, is one of the leading manufacture of Solutions for Playout, CG, Ingest, Media Asset Management, IP Multi-Viewer, TV Broadcast Automation and many other customized solutions for broadcast applications. It’s an easy-to-usemodule-based software solution, already a leading player IP based solution, as the industry integrates new formats and production techniques to create more compelling content, broadcasters need an agile solution for their infrastructure i-Soft are quick to react to the ever-changing market requirements.

Challenges: we need the ability to provide any workflow, integrate any system and device and support any business model, are important features of broadcast automation. Sports broadcasters have different needs from news channels, general entertainment, regional or music channels. What is common for all of them, is a requirement of reliability and low running cost. At the same time, they are all innovating, experimenting with new ways of delivery, regionalizing their programming, introducing new services. Yet, these innovations need to be done in non-disruptive ways, assuring the continuity of their business.

Providing best in Society of Technology, people, processes, i-Soft Technology provides high-quality, high-value software development, Web Devlopment, Android Application, Ad-Making and Business process outsourcing services to independent software vendors and enterprises.

Valuable Products



Stream Player

WrenBox are RTMP,RTSP,UDP,HLS,YOUTUBE Stream Supported. The box design is so compaq. It's tiny Box. Fits in pocket also. Requires less space. Custom PNG Logo is placed over the playing stream. It's Switch to local content as sson as it faces internet or stream problem with resume capability. WrenBox Supports Cloud Control Through Mobile & Web Interface. It's Provide Monitoring Of Box Status with preview at regular interval. It's Also Provide Detail Reporting of status.


Playout Solution

Desktop Aplication

i-Player Suite provides solution for braodcasting valuable content in easier way.
Playout Solution (i-Player) is a solution built upon a client-server architecture that provides noticeable stability and usability advantages To allow an optimum CPU balancing in today's multi-core system, the server controls the video output while the client manages the playlist.


Channel Wizard

Desktop Aplication, Web Application

Channel wizard (CW) Provides computerized content scheduling for satellite channels over the sky broadcasters and corporate TV user. It is multifunctional, easy-to-use software for multichannel broadcasting and insertion of media data with complex graphics design abilities. It's an easy way to use Window application that can be used on any workstation within the network. The wizard handles all the regularly Jobs for creating Schedule in advance for long period of time without requirement of high end-pc.


Channel Monitoring

Web Aplication

Proof of play is a real time ad monitoring program used by broadcaster. It monitors advertisements being played in real time and looks for discrepancies and problems Broadcasters can now provide ad buyers peace of mind and tangible proof that their advertisement was run on time and without problems. If you are paying good money for Commercial wouldn't you want to see proof that it was played correctly or not?


Proof Of play

Web Application

Proof of Play Interactivity allows you to instantly view the current advertisement! Including “Pre Rolls” that allow a 10 minute advance teaser promo of an Ad to come our technology enables multiple “Calls to Action”. Current and past cleared ads are just a mouse click away. All aired events are verified by Proof of Play’s video verification routine. You can now see instantly that an event was completely and correctly aired.



Stream Encoder

Streaming Encoder to Broadcast TV Channel Signals to Any Web Platform as well as Headend.


LiveU Solo

Streaming Encoder

Streaming Encoder with Bonding Technology to broadcast Video Signals to Social Media.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our main objective is to deliver the best technical and customer-oriented solutions to the ever-changing broadcast market. We know that each customer is unique. Our years of experience in technology development and technical support provides us with the possibility to offer a wide range of solutions at the best price.

Why choose us?

When the customer selects i-Soft Technologies as their vendor, not only they purchase our solutions, but fundamentally they buy all of our company including our dedicated software development, operational and process management, services and technical support, training, management and more.