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Our team works with you in understanding your requirements and suggests you solutions that fully correspond to your needs. We provide conceptual, functional & presentation development to your company and help you grow in all respects.

We Provide you the best of best methodology of services in accordance of your progess of your Business. We always eager about the new technology and we preapre our software on the latest updates avilable in market.


"IP TV Channel Decoder to Receive Live Channel Signals to the Headend."

We Provide Following Services in WrenBox:

  • Output : AV/HDMI/SDI
  • Stream Supported : RTMP, RTSP, UDP, HLS, YOUTUBE
  • Compaq Design
  • Logo Insertion
  • Auto Default Start
  • Low Power Supply
  • Output Formats
  • Custom Splash
  • Cloud Based Control
  • Monitoring & Report

Silent Features of WrenBox:

  • Real-time Viewable Ad History of current and past List on air.
  • Clip previewing at a glance any time of current and past advertisement.
  • Operable through a browser environment with local or remote connections.
  • Provide Facility to Broadcaster to directly get relevant to add through internet.
  • All type of advertisement played on air are maintained as a Proof in order to maintain the relationship.

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LiveU Solo

"The LiveU Solo video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera or any other video source to popular online platforms or any customizable web destinations."

We Provide Following Services in LiveU Solo:

  • Streaming Encoder with Bonding Technology to broadcast Video Signals to Social Media
  • Input: HDMI/SDI
  • Output: RTMP
  • Start streaming within seconds
  • Deliver rock-solid reliable videos
  • Stream live from anywhere
  • Easily select your online destination
  • Stream like a pro for an affordable price

LiveU Decoder

"Receive LiveU IP Stream into Video Signals."

We Provide Following Services in LiveU Decoder:

  • Input: RTMP
  • Output: HDMI/SDI
  • Multipurpose Configration



"Streaming Encoder to Broadcast TV Channel Signals to Any Web Platform as well as Headend."

We Provide Following Services in LiveU Solo:

  • Input: HDMI/SDI

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CCTV Streaming

"Streaming CCTV Camera IP Signals to YouTube or Facebook."

We Provide Following Services in CCTV Streaming:

  • Input: RTSP
  • Output: RTMP

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